All firewood from HILLTOWN is from downed trees. It is sawn, split and stacked by hand and organized by species and time seasoned on our farm. Read more about what's in your truck load: 


Mixed Hardwoods

Random species that are all classified as hardwood included but not limited to- the Oaks, Hickories, Pecan, Maples, Ash, Beech, Walnut, Cherry, Hackberry, Elm, Black and Honey Locust, Bodock, Mulberry, Box Elder, Hornbeam, Hophornbeam, Dogwood, Sassafrass, Redbud, Poplar, Catawba. Most of the higher BTU woods are what will be included, but  there will also be mixed in some lighter hardwoods. These lighter woods are great for getting the harder stuff burning nicely and should not be discounted.


Oak/Hickory Mix

This is a mix of Oak and Hickory only. All species of these types will be included based on stock and or customer request(i.e. "100% oak please") Species from our area include but are not limited to: The Red Oaks, pin, black, southern and northern red, shumard. The White Oaks: White oak, Chinkapin Oak. Hickory: Red/Pignut, Bitternut, Sharbark and Pecan.


Stove Wood

This is a mix of the premium firewoods for hottest and longest burning fires. I  recommend this for folks who have wood burning stoves, inserts or furnaces. Species included but not limited to: Red and White Oak, Hickories, Locusts and Bodock.


Special order (cooking, smoking) 

This is a load of one type of wood or specific mix requested by the customer. Example: 100% cherry or hickory for smoking wood.


Chunk Wood

These are the big gnarly bits that either won't split (I do it all by hand, no hydraulics) or are just too big to throw in most wood stoves and fireplaces safely. This is great wood for outdoor furnaces or if you are planning a major bonfire at your best event. They 100% need other wood burning to get them going. Note: These pieces are large and due to their mass never fully season. Everything is easily manhandle size. Nothing punky or rotten will be included. The wood will be heaped over the truck bed to max the load.


Kindling bundles 

Smaller 1-4 inch wide pieces of mixed wood to get the fire good. These will contain a higher mix of lighter woods like Cedar, Catawba, and Poplar that are easy to catch fire as well as some other hardwoods.