We moved to Hilltown after looking for land for almost our entire marriage...

We knew we wanted to simplify our lives as well as downsize our lives. We built a small home on about 12 acres in Tennessee, and moved in the Spring of 2016. 

Our goal as a family is to one day live a subsistence lifestyle. We wood heat, are working to bring spring water into our home and garden and want to eventually establish solar. 

We are excited to offer workshops to the public to help keep us on our farm and at home with our children as much as possible when we aren't away enjoying a good hike or a view of the ocean.

We love hearing good music, eating great food and the company of friends and family. And we look forward to opening our home and farm to let others experience what we love most about this place. 


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Any advice for creating a home you love? 

Don't rush it. We have been super slow to add things to our walls. Our entire home is still white because well, a) I like it and b) we are still in the honeymoon phase. My husband found a sweet quote by William Morris: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." This idea really complemented our desire to minimize and downsize, and became sort of a mantra.


NATIVE magazine

"Moving to Hilltown has given us space to play with our kids, try our ideas, and be part of a community. We are living our dream."



"I have never felt more a part of a community than I do now. We moved out to this rural area thinking we might be a bit stranded, but it has been the opposite experience."


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"If you’re up to getting away from your desk, getting outside and learning about axes and firewood, eating delicious food, having a great time and you’re near Tennessee, you might want to check into Hilltown’s Axe Camp."